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We all have to walk before we can run, but riding, that's some real fun.

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    Ride Dynamics is my new business but I've been instructing for a couple of years. I started with Evergreen East, a local chapter of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and have added more experience as my interest in skills instruction has grown. It's really very satisfying to see riders succeed through training and practice.

    My first mountain bike got me to class on a large university campus. Riding down stairs soon lost out to exploring local trails. Then, improved fitness and skill took me into the mountains and to some notable Western riding locales. In all of these areas I've seen how solid, fundamental bike handling skills can lead to valuable personal successes whether that's getting out with friends or conquering a challenging section of trail.

    That focus on maintaining balance and control brings confidence and progress to the new mountain biker and efficiency and power to the experienced rider. I look forward to helping you meet your riding goals.

    Kyle Springer
    Owner & Instructor, Ride Dynamics

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  1. "Thank you Kyle [...]. I have been practicing on my rides and can feel the difference in cornering!"

    Phyllis B.

  2. "That's the fastest I've ever ridden that trail."

    Jeff M.

  3. "The lesson was really great because a) You started with the basics and you were able to switch quickly to adapt to our ability levels. b) The explanation regarding the physics was helpful. c) Riding with us and offering advice on-the-fly worked well. d) You kept it simple and didn't overwhelm us with a lot to do but with fewer manageable techniques. I have been practicing as well and will be back for another lesson. Thanks Kyle!"

    Kristi R.

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