A sisterhood of bike skills...

with a brother who coaches.

  1. Trail Ready

    Trail ready riders use proper body position and cornering technique to add flow to riding varied terrain. We’ll use drills in braking, body control, cornering, climbing, descending and shifting to prep for a trail ride to drive that knowledge home. Bikes, skills, and fun make for a great day. See you out there! May 20, 2-5pm Camp Sekani $70

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  2. Trail Ride Series

    Four consecutive Thursdays of trail riding! This series will put the lessons of the Trail Ready class into sharp focus by practicing them on Spokane's great trails. We'll review the basics and then head out to understand, discuss, and ride. My goal is to instill an inner dialogue between reading the trail and responding in a way that fits your abilities. (no prerequisite) May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 5-7pm Camp Sekani $130

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  3. Silver Mountain Day

    The gravity just seems stronger up in the hills. The steeper, rockier, terrain asks that you apply the basic movements with increased precision and skill. To handle Silver we'll do just that for corners, drops, jumps, manuals, and descents. Sounds like a fun day to me! June 17 (trails permitting) 9:30-3:30pm with lunch break $150 includes gondola ticket

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