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Mountain biking means so much to me. It asks a lot of you and then gives you so much in return. I've shared views, thrills, laughs, and many a burrito all #becausebikes. What started off as just getting around campus with a little more fun and speed and has become a beloved occupation. I have a logical and scientific background so I can explain the whys and hows of biking skills but it's my enthusiasm for your success in feeling the movements and moments that get the job done that drives home the learning for my students. I look forward to sharing that with you. Let's get better on bikes and have some fun! 

About Ride Dynamics

Mountain biking is the best. It asks you to be active, attentive, confident, and adaptable all while being out in the woods. Bikes are great today but only skills development can take you to the next level of safety, performance, and fun. That's where Ride Dynamics comes in. We put you in the best position to be ready for the trail ahead and then broaden your abilities to get down the trail the way you want.​

Chief Instructor, Kyle Springer, has been mountain biking for over 30 years and instructing for seven. Certified by multiple groups (Fluidride FIT 2, IMBA ICP 2, Evergreen/Endless Biking) Kyle can approach your goals from varied perspectives to find the approach that works for you. Contact us, we'll talk biking and get you on the trail of better mountain biking.

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