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Pick Your Class Experience

Ride Dynamics classes put you on the trail to skills improvement. The base skill for all classes is becoming aware of yourself. Where is my weight? {Feet, Seat, Hands} Am I athletically ready? {Twisted & Rigid, or Relaxed & Poised} Do I trust myself and my bike to do what I ask? {We're here to build that trust and understanding.}

From there we build from what you can do to what you want to do. Awareness and preparation lead to safe starts and stops. A modest range of motion in the hips leads to proficient corners. And, a snappy bounce and some trail knowledge lead to erasing trail features or launching over them entirely.

As the names suggest Trail Ready is more foundational and gets you ready for the trails while Trail Active asks you to be more active and really moving the bike around. Many experienced riders could benefit from a refresher of Trail Ready but if Trail Active is more tempting then please start there.


Trail Ready

Foundational skills to check your bike, check yourself, build your abilities and then ride. Be Trail Ready!


Trail Active

Progressive skills to get you up & over, down & around, and flowing by learning to do work that matters.  

Mountain Bikers Riding Downhill

Trail Ride Add-on

Add a Ride to your (Ready or Active) class experience to put those skills to work.


Kids Camps

20 hours of skills development over 5 days should produce an excited, challenged, observant, and tired young mountain biker.


Private Instruction

When a group wants to focus on self-chosen skills or you just want more focused attention choose private lessons.

Cycling Up the Hill

4 week Rides Series

Skills instruction gets social with a series of four no-drop, skills-building rides.

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