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Prepare before class

Our time together at our skills class will go quickly. The more prepared we can be the better the class will run. Here's a checklist of things to consider.

Personal prep

  • Helmets are required. Proper fit goes a long way toward head safety.

  • Optional: eye protection, gloves, elbow and shin guards

  • Water and snacks. 2-4 hours in the sun can take their toll.

  • Sunscreen and bug spray (I'll bring extra)

  • Appropriate clothing. We would continue through light rain.

  • COVID: students should have a mask. I will have some back-ups.

Bike prep

  • Bike in good working order: Tires holding air, gears shifting, brakes stopping, seat can raise/lower.

  • Brake's angle and reach should be set to allow index finger (preferred) or two finger braking with levers inline with a relaxed forearm position. Adjustments vary by model. Your brakes may adjust for reach, stroke and/or pad contact point. Setting them specifically for you can add a great deal to one's bike handling ability.

  • Your suspension should be functioning and set for your body weight. Generally speaking, this means the shock & fork sag to 25% of their stroke under your centered body weight.

  • I recommend flat, platform style, pedals especially for skills practice. If you choose to be clipped in to your pedals please run your cleats either as far back in your shoes as you can or as far back as you are comfortable. I have two pair of flat pedals I can loan out but we should coordinate that so we leave enough time to make the swap.

  • Please have the ability to repair a flat tire or at least the correct tube for your size tires.

  • Any items brought should be able to be carried while riding either on the bike on one's body with a backpack or waist bag.


  • Riders should arrive 15 minutes early. Barring mechanical failures and minor injuries we will arrive at the pick-up location at the end of class.

  • In emergency situations 911 will be the first phone call followed by the emergency contact. Non-emergency calls will be placed to emergency contact if necessary.

  • Class fee does not include parking fee for the class site if required.


  • Signed waivers are required for each participant.

  • Policy for cancelation of attendance by participant

    • 7 days notice is required for 100% refund or a one-time reschedule of class.​

    • 2 days notice is required for 50% refund of course fees

    • No refund is given for less that 2 days notice.

    • Class participation may be transferred to another appropriate student: a child for a child or an adult for an adult.

  • Policy for cancelation of class by Ride Dynamics​

    • Class will continue in light rain. Forecast heavy rain or other extreme weather will​ cause the class to be rescheduled. Any participants not able to attend that session will be granted a 100% refund of class price.

    • Similarly, cancelation of class due to Ride Dynamics' choice will grant the participant credit for a future class or a 100% refund of class price.

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